Custom Aquarium Design & Set Up
From nano tanks to custom reef systems we work with each individual customer to help bring your aquarium ideas to life! We stock many different size aquariums in our shop, and we also use Texas based aquarium manufacturers for custom aquarium design. Our aquariums are made to order, not mass produced out of the country. We also offer reef ready systems with built-in overflow boxes with optional drilled bottoms or sides.
Filtered water
Water quality is the single most important factor in sucessful fishkeeping. We have available fresh filtered water, R/O water and pre-mixed saltwater ready to use for your convenience.
Quality Foods
The many fish, corals and plants that you will find at The Aqua Zoo need a balanced diet to bring out their true beauty. From dry foods like flakes and pellets to freeze dried and frozen foods we surely have what will best suit your fish. We also have liquid coral foods as well as liquid and dry fertilizers for your planted aquariums. Ask us how you can save money and feed your fish a premium diet with our "Half price refill" program!
Aquarium Decor
Whether you are looking for a bright colorful tank for your children or dream of a beautiful natural aquarium of your own, we carry many different styles of decor. We are proud to offer many types of beautiful driftwood, such as Manzanita, Oak, Cypress, Malaysian, Mopani, and African rootwood. With gravel or sand, and river stones, you will be amazed at the enviroment we can help you create. We also are happy to stock premium liverock for your marine system. We carry Premium Fiji rock, Totoka Premium rock and Tukani premium rock. Soon we will dedicate an entire system to aquacultured rock which is beautiful and better for our enviroment. Please consider us for your aquarium decorating needs!